Quality over quantity,

Choose your friends wisely.

You were my best friend,

Your dignity I used to defend.


Talking about someone’s flaws,

Stating stories you don’t know.

Is this what you call friendship?

Well sweetheart this is what I call bullshit.


I know everything,

Don’t pretend you know nothing.

There is one thing you should know about me,

I can be your worst enemy as can be.


Insecurity kills,

Better run for the hills.

Backstabbing is your talent,

When are you going to lament?


Doing things just for fame,

Don’t you feel ashamed?

I know for a fact,

My trust in you now lacks.


You like to live dangerously?

I will make you pay mercilessly.

My patience is already hanging,

I know I will be the last one laughing.


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