I once knew a girl,


But her actions make me hurl.


She was so pretty and smart,


But nobody could take her heart.




Once innocent and young,


Never thought it would be gone for long.


Her innocence was taken,


Then a beast inside her was awakened.




Heart-breaking for her part,


She thought everything was perfect from the start.


Not knowing what was to come,


Such a shame on what she had become.




Her life was spent on partying and booze,


She did not care what she could lose.


Love meant nothing but a four-lettered word,


But it pierces on her heart like a very sharp sword.










She’ll play with your heart,


Thinking she’s in love with you from the start.


She’s the queen of her game,


Trying to find a player who knows how to do the same.




Wickedly manipulative,


Loves to play with people’s lives.


Be careful for karma will come to you,


And we all know what it could do.




She felt alone,


For her she was never known.


People only cared for her body,


Because for them it was a trophy.




People may think that she’s genuinely happy,


But underneath that mask is a crying baby.


She kept hiding under her tough façade,


Thinking that maybe she is going mad.




Look into her eyes,


And see the truth behind those lies.


She was never strong,


Don’t know how she could act for so long.




Knowingly she will break,


From all this madness that she couldn’t take.


Nobody knows what is going inside her head,


Because nobody understood the hints that she said.




If she could only talk,


To ask someone to help her walk.


She thinks nobody can be trusted,


For only her body the boys have lusted.




She knows plenty don’t like her,


Since she has a lot of haters.


Her attitude was a problem,


But she doesn’t care about them.




She surrounded her heart with walls,


Trying to find someone with balls.


Nobody dared to climb those steep steps,


So nobody could hear her cries for help.




But love knows no bounds,


Yet she kept herself to the ground.


Admittedly she fell in love,


The witnesses are the heavens above.




Just when she found someone,


She realized that she can’t be the one.


Her days are shortening,


Life for her is almost ending.




Now this is my story,


And I am here to say that I’m sorry.


For all the things that I have done wrong,


Never expecting this poem would be so long.




To end this properly,


I have been motivating to be better lately.


I am going to die,


This is my final goodbye.









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