My side of the story.

One of the reasons why I hate people when they suddenly judge you if they know you cut is because I also cut myself. I am not writing this down so that you will all take pity of me. I just want you to understand. Well, have you ever felt so much pain that you can’t feel anything at all? You only feel emptiness. Void of any emotions. Numb. Like you’re nothing. Just a hollow space living inside a cold, empty shell. Well this is how I feel. Empty.

                The reason I cut is because I just want to feel something. An indication that I am still alive. And feeling pain lets me know that I am still human. Or maybe I am already in hell? Who knows? I can’t really see the difference. I know. I know.  It’s not logical. It’s irrational, even. But this is my side of the story. What’s yours?



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