Are you really weak if you commit suicide? Why? There are reasons why people commit suicide every day. Some are just so fed up with bullshit that they just want to end their life. Pain. Pain is the reason why people do this kind of things. When I hear people say that she only cuts herself to gain attention, I always want to punch them in the face. Fuck them. What do they know? Nothing. Well maybe for the persons who cut themselves and posts pictures of it in Facebook, then yeah. They are just attention-seeking whores. The real people who cut are those who feel immense pain that they think that death is their last resort.

You shouldn’t judge them. Just listen. Hear their screams for somebody to listen. Not to give any advice, but just to listen to them talk for hours about their life and how miserable it is for them. Then prove to them that death is not the only option. That cutting will not help them to be healed. Because sometimes, emotional pain is much stronger than the physical pain and that is why they don’t feel anything when they cut.

Suicidal people aren’t weak. You say they took the easy way out so they ended their life but do you know what they went through before they made the decision to end their miserable life? No. They chose death because they think that this is the only way to stop the pain. So think again before you judge these people. Are they really wrong? Or Am I?




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