Act of Infidelity

Act of Infidelity

This love of ours is very strong,

And yet we have to hide it from everyone.

Cause in their eyes our love is wrong,

And what we did cannot be undone.


We try to hide and not let them be aware,

Of what we did that will cause a fight.

Cause when society finds out about this secret affair,

Justice will be brought and given what is right.


We fell in love against our will,

We tried to stop but our efforts failed.

We knew our love was going downhill,

But we still pretended that ours will prevail.


Guilt will consume us in this reality,

So let’s stop this game and our act of infidelity.


-So this sonnet is about an antagonist’s point of view. Well for a change, lets try to see the other side of the story because not all antagonists are unemotional.





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