The Girl Who Cries Inside

Who am I?

The name’s ****. Too trusting. Builds walls around her heart. Has a swirling pool of emotion underneath her tough interior. Always fake a smile. Forced laughter. Cries herself to sleep. Afraid to commit. Afraid to get hurt. Got hurt too many times before. Been cheated on. Been played with. Despises boys. Manipulative. Nocturnal.  Rebel. Relationship wrecker. Stupid when it comes to love. Always fall for the wrong guy. Depressed. Abused. Taken for granted a lot of times. Doesn’t believe in love. Suicidal. Committed suicide at least 5 times. Once innocent. Became a bitch. A fucked up girl. Living in a fucked up world. Pain is my only solution. Welcome to my fucked up life.

You can’t change me. I only need somebody to UNDERSTAND. Listen to me scream for somebody to notice what I’m really feeling inside. See my cries for help. Help. Me.

Yet you can’t trust nobody. Pretend everything is okay. Nothing is wrong. Smile.





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