I saw that guy again. His presence alone gives me goosebumps. Remembering what happened in the past. Thinking he was a friend. A guy you can rely to in your time of need. And yet he betrayed her. He chose his frat over his close friend. Even though she was shouting for help. Pleading for him to help her. Clinging to him, hoping he would have mercy to help an innocent girl. Hoping that he would save you in the last minute. But what he did was unexpected. He helped him. Helped him tied her. Watched a friend being used. Tortured. Raped. It was brutal. Bloody. Scary. Traumatic.

Everybody forgot about that incident. Everybody but her. The girl who was once so innocent. Changed. Because of that night. And nobody knew. Nobody except for the witnesses. She was no one special. Just a girl he wanted to fuck. He wasn’t used to rejections. So he found a way and did it. Not thinking about the outcome of his doings. But who knows? It was all in the past. No need to dig deeper. Let’s just forget about what happened. Nobody cares anyway. Nobody cares. Nobody.

About the girl? Well, she’s still alive. Alive yet dead at the same time. Wishing she was dead. Pretending to be alright. Trying to forget. Yet the nightmares always remind her of everything. Three years have passed. Many moved on. Except her. Especially her.



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