What is LOVE?

Love. What is it?

For me, love is just a word use by everybody, to fool somebody. True love is when you are willing to sacrifice something for that person. But one indication of being in love is when seeing that person happy, also makes you happy. That feeling you get when you made that person smile. Ever felt the butterflies in your stomach? Now that is what I call love.

But from what I’ve experienced, there is no such thing as love. Love is just a game. A game of falling and breaking. But the thing is, your bones will not be the one broken, but your heart. If you fall so hard and that person will catch you, you are one hell of a lucky person. But if not? Your heart will be broken so hard, you won’t be able to fix them entirely. It won’t be perfect anymore yet you can still mend it. It takes time and space. You will change. There are only two options when you change, for the better or worse. Choose wisely if you are going to take the risk. Well that’s it. Love is a game. If you fall, GAME OVER.



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